Friday, August 17, 2007

From One Weary Mum to Another...

Over these last few months it seems that there has been very little time to fix my hair or clean my teeth in the morning, never mind blog. With the recent birth of our third child and the decorating and moving to a new house, daily habits and disciplines have gone by the wayside and life has become more than crazy. On top of all this, it seems that our delightful two year old daughter has now decided to live up to the "terrible twos" syndrome and my four year old has entered a phase of talking back and arguing.

Last night I found myself describing to my husband how 'weary' I had become in being a mother and how disheartened I found myself in the struggles of each day. However, there are always glimpses of hope and encouragement that come at the right time. To know that others go through the same experiences as I do reminds me that I'm not a terrible mum and that my kids are not the only ones who drive their parents to their knees. And so, if you are facing similar days (and I know you are) then I recommend this past weeks posts over at Girltalk:

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