Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Great Sermons

Today I'd like to recommend two excellent sermons preached at our home church yesterday. To say the least, I was very challenged.

Firstly, our senior pastor preached from Jeremiah 32, "Investing in God's Future." In the passage, God instructs Jeremiah to buy a field when all others are trying to get shot of their property as Judah is under siege by the Babylonians. I am left this morning meditating on whether everyday life for me is spent investing in God's future? Is most of my financial, leisure, family and church life spent investing only in the here and now or do I heed God's Word and obey that it might have an eternal, future impact?

Secondly, our Assistant Pastor preached from Luke's Gospel taking us through the account of the transfiguration and following passages of Jesus' interaction with the disciples. "Visions of Glory & Delusions of Grandeur" has also left me meditating today on how I can become more cross-focused rather than glory-focussed.

To really appreciate what I mean you'll need to have a listen in. Both sermons were expositionally top notch, but even more so highly practical and challenging. You can access both below.

"Investing in God's Future" by Peter Grainger
"Visions of Glory & Delusions of Grandeur"
by James Anderson

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