Monday, March 26, 2007

Your Weekly Dose of Susannah Spurgeon

While Nicki is away on holiday, it falls to me to supply your weekly dose of Mrs Spurgeon. This week I want to leave you with another quote from her book of daily devotions which has recently been republished along with her biography, and is well worth investing in. In a meditation entitled The Loveliness of God's Will, she dwells on Matthew 6:10,
"Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven"
Susannah Spurgeon writes:
"When my soul is tossed on the rough waves of the troubled sea of this life, if I can but cast out the anchor of hope into the depths of God's blessed will, it holds fast at once and the winds and the waves are rebuked...

God's plans and purposes for me, and for you, dear reader, were all made and determined on from the beginning; and as they are worked out day by day in our lives, how wise should we be if, with joyful certainty, we accepted each unfolding of his will as a proof of his faithfulness and love! When once I, as a believer, can say from my heart, 'This is the will of God concerning me', it matters not what the 'this' is - whether it be a small domestic worry, or the severance of the dearest earthly ties - the fact that it is his most blessed will, takes all the fierce sting out of the trouble, and leaves it powerless to hurt or hinder the peace of my soul. There is all the difference between the murderous blows of an enemy, and the needful chastisement of a loving father's hand! The Lord may make us sore, but he will bind us up. He may wound but his hands make whole. "

I'm not sure what lies before you week, but we can be sure that whatever comes, it is God's will. What a difference it would make to my life if everyday I "accepted each unfolding of his will as a proof of his faithfulness and love". This week, let's allow that truth to transform the way we think about our difficult job, the discipline and routine of home-making or the particular struggles we are facing.


rosemary said...

What a wonderful quote. May we all follow her example in finding God's will to be so lovely.

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of it before, but yes! Everything that happens must be God's will for my life, I need to go and think about this....what an amazing truth. Thankyou!