Friday, September 22, 2006

Singled Out for Good

I've just finished reading an article by Paige Benton Brown called "Singled Out for Good: A Biblical View of being Christian and Single." This is a really short, easy to read article and somewhat funny! One thing she said that is of note is:

"My identity is not found in my marital status but in my redemptive status. I am one of the 'haves,' not one of the 'have-nots'."

It's a reminder even to one that is married, that my identity is not bound up in the fact that I have a husband or am a mother. Yesterday I was reading in Ezekiel 24 where God tells Ezekiel that he will take from him the 'delight of his eyes', his wife. Ezekiel was to be to the people of Israel a living parable, telling them that God was about to take from them, because of their unfaithfulness, the delight of their eyes, Jerusalem. What struck me most was that Ezekiel remained faithful, carrying out the commands the Lord had given him despite the death of his wife. For Ezekiel, and for any follower of Christ, our lives must be supremely bound up in Him. First I am a Christian, then I am a wife, then a mother. I can only be a proper wife and mother if I am above all faithful to God first. Otherwise, there is no value in these roles themselves.

Singles, I wish I was reminded many a time before getting married that my life was singled out for good, then as it is now. Psalm 84:11 says: "No good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless" - even when we are single. If you'd like to read this article click here.

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Claire said...

Brilliant article by Paige Benton Brown. Very amusing. Definitely worth a read for any single Christians out there. Thanks Nicki. :-)