Thursday, August 14, 2008

Watch Your Man!

We're married to sinners, right? There are times when we want our husbands to change for the better, right? There are times when we want to correct our husbands and all too often we go about it in the wrong way, right? I've just listened to this helpful talk from Carolyn Mahaney called Watch Your Man! You might want to listen in if you find yourself not going about this task of faithful, gentle correction with the respect and grace you should. Interested in finding out more? Here's the blurb and you can download the talk here.
Part of a wife’s biblical role is to bring faithful, gentle correction to her husband when necessary. True friends are willing to humbly correct one another, but if a wife does this poorly, she can damage her marriage.

In this seminar for women, Carolyn Mahaney explain’s a wife’s responsibility to lovingly watch over her husband. She gives biblical advice on questions such as how to correct in humility and love, when to forbear patiently, and when to prayerfully persist and appeal for change. Most important, Carolyn encourages wives to rely on God to change their husbands’ hearts and actions. It is God’s favor and approval—not change in their husbands—that wives must ultimately seek.


padivan said...

I was wondering the scriptural support of this? I have heard Martha Peace teach this before and haven't quite seen it in scripture. I understand that as his sister in the Lord, perhaps there would be times I would do this, but I don't see this as a wives role.

Nicki said...


Carolyn presents her argument for this in 2 main ways. Firstly from the scriptural basis of faithful correction between friends and applies it in the context of marriage where the husband and wife relationship should display the closest and dearest of friendship. Secondly she mentions that as our husband's helpers and supporters we must help and support our husband in such a way that we offer them our correction. Her talk does however spend most of the time on our role of supporting our husbands as God seeks to make the changes in them. It is not a talk that gives a list of things for us to do as we wish to see change in our husbands.

Hope that helps - best thing to do is listen to the talk itself rather than my feeble defense!