Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Quotes

I'm re-reading Susan Hunt and Ligon Duncan's book, Women's Ministry in the Local Church. It's a must read if you are seeking to set up a ministry for women in your church. I just want to leave you with two quotes which I believe are primary - the first which challenges our commitment to church in general; the second which challenges us to 'do' women's ministry in the context of the whole church.

"Dr Edmund Clowney wrote, 'If we lack interest in the church we lack what for Jesus was a consuming passion. Jesus loved the church and gave himself up for it'. (Ephesians 5:25)"

"Approach to women's ministry is not consumer-oriented ('we deserve a ministry that focuses on us'), but kingdom-oriented ('how can we invest in women in a way that equips them as disciples, for their own spiritual maturation, for the good of the marriages and families of the church, for the betterment of the total ministry of the church, and for their life in the real world?')"

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