Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mentoring & Ministry Wives

I've been meaning to link to Connie Dever's article, The Pastor's Wife: Position or Juxtaposition for a while now, but busyness has prevented me! My husband had the privilege of meeting Connie and Mark Dever a few months ago when he was out visiting their church. While on the hunt for some good books for himself he was also keen to get a hold of a few resources for me on being a pastor's wife (since, in my estimation there are too few good books on the subject). Connie Dever kindly gave Colin a copy of One With A Shepherd and also a copy of her study guide, Juxtaposition which is a more than useful resource to "help other pastors' wives and their husbands to glorify God by being more closely connected to him, to each other, to their families, and to the brothers and sisters in their churches". 9 Marks and Connie Dever have been gracious enough to share this material here. I pray that if you are a pastor's wife with the opportunity to mentor a new, or soon to be pastor's wife you might use this excellent resource as I plan to.

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Marcia Wilwerding said...

Thank you for passing this link on to your readers. This is a touchy topic for me, that of being a "pastor's wife." I think I may one day write a post regarding my own experiences. You really have my mind gears turning.

Marcia W.