Thursday, July 24, 2008

I promised I'd post, so here it is!

Nearly two weeks ago before Nicki went on holiday I said I would post something, and I'm only getting around to it now. Sorry Nicki! Rather than come up with something serious and weighty I'm just going to pass on a couple of random humerous moments from my kids, one which happened recently and another that it reminded me of.

Random moment #1:
Me: So, Erin, who is our bible story going to be about tonight?
Erin (age 2): Jesus.
Me: Yes, and which story about Jesus do you think we'll read?
Erin (thinks for a moment): Jesus and the socks.
Nope, I've no idea what she's thinking of either - the mind boggles. This reminded me of something that her older sister said when she was about the same age.

Random moment #2:

Daddy: So, what were the names of Issac's children?
Dutiful daughter: Jacob and...(pause followed by triumphant look) Eeyore!

Hmm, I could have sworn that the Hundred Acre Wood isn't in the bible.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! That's a friday funny Catriona!