Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being Mindful as He is Mindful

How would you live differently in your day if you were seeking to do all to the glory of God?

Some of my answers, in no particular order:

1. Think before I speak
2. Pray before I think
3. Be more thankful
4. Exercise self-control when disciplining
5. Show and tell my family more that I love them
6. Fearlessly speak about Jesus
7. Forgive quicker
8. Exercise more patience
9. Ask for his help
10. Depend on His grace
11. Eat better
12. Switch off filler-time TV

"Pray that God will make you more conscious of the fact that you live every day under His all-seeing eye. While you may not be mindful of Him, He is certainly aware of you and sees every deed you do, hears every word you say, and knows every thought you think. Beyond that, He even searches out your motives. Let us then seek to be as mindful of Him as He is of us." Jerry Bridges, Respectable Sins


ukrainiac said...

I should hang this daily reminder on my wall! (...or tie it to my forehead...)

Nicki said...

Sticky post it notes all over the house are a good idea! Even better when the kids take them off and you're reminded unexpectantly when you find where they hid them!