Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guidelines for Dating

Lydia at the Purple Cellar shares some guidlines for dating taken and paraphrased from Rick and Sharon Phillips' book, Holding Hands, Holding Hearts: Recovering a Biblical View of Christian Dating.

Here's the list for girls:
1) A godly woman should allow the man to initiate the relationship. This does not mean that she does nothing. She helps! If she thinks there is a good possibility for a relationship, she puts him at east and encourages him as opportunities arise.

2) A godly woman should speak positively and respectfully about her boyfriend in his presence and absence.

3) A godly woman should give honest attention to his interests.

4) A godly woman should recognize the sexual temptations with which a single man will normally struggle and will avoid potentially compromising situations.

5) A godly woman will build up the man with God's Word and give encouragement to godly leadership. She should allow and seek biblical encouragement from the man she is dating.

6) A godly woman will make "helping" and "respecting" the watchwords of her behavior toward a man.

7). A godly woman will remember that the man is her brother in the Lord. She should not be afraid to end an unhealthy relationship but should seek to do so with charity and grace.
And for guys:

1) Commit to take the lead in the godliness of your relationship.

2) Decide before starting the relationship if you are willing to love a woman in the self-sacrificing, nurturing way the Bible describes.

3) Seek out her interests and spend time doing them with her.

4) Be willing to talk about the relationship. In fact, be the one to initiate honest dialog about it.

5) Pay attention to the cares and burdens of her heart. Be supportive rather than critical.

6) Do not be shy in ministering the Word to her. Do not preach, but exhort.

7) If something about her bothers you, seek to encourage her in that

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