Monday, April 14, 2008

For the Love of God

Recently we've been learning a couple of new songs at church written by Don Carson and set to music by Rob Smith. Lyrically, as well as musically, I thoroughly enjoyed both pieces and decided to buy for my husband (and friend) the CD for their respective birthdays.

Both my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying For the Love of God - New Songs for the People of God Volume Two. We especially appreciate Carson's lyrics which are theologically solid and saturated with Scripture. Moreover, the songs are particularly written for use in church and would certainly enhance any congregational worship in my estimation. So, if you, or your church music leaders are interested in learning a few new songs, full of meaning and easy for the congregation to sing to, this CD is well worth purchasing.

You can go here to order the CD and here to have a sneaky listen to first! Personally, my favourites are For the Love of God, Pour Out Your Grace, Astounding Grace & On that Wretched Day.

1 comment:

Friend said...

"Friend" enjoys it as well! It has a kinda celtic feel to some of it. But no lyrics on the CD sleeve! How am I supposed to singalong?

Can't compare with the bear though!

Much thanks!