Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apart for the Gospel

Perhaps many of you will resonate with this article when your spouse has the opportunity to attend a Christian conference, or even his pastoral work takes him away from home for a few days. Often, in my own experience I struggle when my husband heads off for the weekend with work, or takes some time away to attend a pastor's retreat or conference. I pretty much, all of the time, get quite negative, withdraw into myself and begin to feel the weight of being home with three kids on my own.

Although I know that my husband and others are profiting immensely from their time away, sadly I'm not focused on seeing this as a time of potential for gospel living and growing while we're apart. Unfortunately I'll all too often find myself battling resentment, that yet again it's not my chance to get away. Apart for the Gospel reminded me that in times like these, this is my opportunity to show forth the gospel in a unique way.

HT: Girltalk


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honor of linking to my blog. I've been reading yours for over a year and am often encouraged your content.

Nicki said...

OM, I'm glad to have come across your post (via girltalk), it was a timely reminder for me! Thank you!

Angie said...

When my hubby was away when the kids were small, I sometimes would have 1 or 2 single chums to stay and keep me company. Sometimes I would go and stay at my parents for a few days. When they got older we sometimes would have a movie night in my room and I would let them sleep in my bed. They're too big for that now and besides popcorn in the bed is no fun! What really used to drive me mad was when my darling hubby would come home and tell me he was exhausted! Grrr