Friday, October 26, 2007

Meal Planner Spreadsheet

For those of you who were interested in the meal planner Excel spreadsheet I mentioned, you can now download it here:


The spreadsheet uses 'macros' (little bits of programming code that do the magic) so you'll have to make sure that your security settings in Excel allow you to run macros. (In Excel 2003, go to 'Options' in the 'Tools' menu, select the 'Security' tab, and click the 'Macros Security' button. We have the security level set to 'Medium', which means that you have to confirm that you want to enable macros whenever you open a spreadsheet that uses them.)

The instructions are included as one of the worksheets on the spreadsheet. If you have any problems, post a comment and we'll try to answer them.


Nicole said...

Thanks!! Very useful.

Beth said...

Wow Catriona!
Thank you so much and thanks to your husband for all his hard work on this menu planning spreadsheet. I'm looking forward to working with it and eventually simplifying my menu planning and shopping.

Ryan and Sandi said...

Thank you very much for sharing this amazing spreadsheet set with us! I can't wait to use it. (I'm waiting b/c my husband has some other projects for me to do first, but it's a great incentive to get the work for him done quickly!) :)