Thursday, October 25, 2007

Food for Thought

Barbara and Kent Hughes' Disciplines of a Godly Family has become interesting 'baby feeding time reading' for me. In the introduction, Barbara writes concerning parents, and yes, Christian parents who convey to their children that they have "thwarted their potential." She writes:
Often the telltale sign among Christian parents of a defective parental perspective is an ambivalence about family. Outwardly these parents give lip service to the privilege of parenting, but inwardly they carry the attitude that parenting is a burden to be endured.

How do such attitudes come to dwell in Christian hearts? First, many people are captive to a culture that defines self-worth and fulfillment in terms of contribution, name, education, and money. Society applauds the person who designs a building more than it does the one who attends to the architecture of a child's soul.

Our culture values a face that is known to the public far more than it does a countenance reflected in a child's eyes. The world sets a higher priority on attaining a degree than on educating a life. It values the ability to give things more than it does giving oneself. This approach to self-worth has been relentlessly sown by modern culture and has taken root in many Christian hearts, so that there is no room for another self - even if it is one's own child.

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Nicole said...

This is a great quote. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I read this book a few years ago, just after I had my first child and found it really helpful in thinking through what sort of family we wanted to be. I especially liked her thoughts on family traditions!