Thursday, March 08, 2007

We're Busy At Home!

As you're aware, it's Thursday today and for us here at titus2talk we have reached the end of the week as far as blogging is concerned. Let me take a few minutes to explain. Following a conversation with Catriona last week, we have decided that we can all to easily allow our blogging to 'take over' and interfere with our responsibilities at home.

While we see this as a valuable work, at times it seems to creep in and control areas of our lives. There are many times that we find ourselves: reading for bloggings sake; browsing the net for bloggings sake; endlessly wondering what on earth to write about, all for bloggings sake. This is not to mention that it is all too easy to neglect the attention of our husbands and children because we 'need to post'. These are just a few critical areas of our lives that we must have in order, and prioritise before we blog. Our decision therefore is not to stop posting, but not to allow it to dominate those things we are meant to be "busy at home" with. What we hope you'll find is that one week may be more lean than another, but when we post, our thoughts and exhortations to you would be more God glorifying, Christ exalting and Spirit filled as we put our houses in order. It would be to our neglect and both our detriments if we continued to blog with Titus 2:3-5 in view and fail to live it out in our daily lives.

So, we have come to the end of this week's posts. There will not be any Womanhood Watch tomorrow, but please take advantage of following up on some of the links we have mentioned in posting this week and visit those we value reading on our own blogroll. Have a blessed weekend and we'll return, God willing, on Monday with Susannah Spurgeon.

Thanks for your faithful readership and, as they say, we'll keep you posted!


Naomi said...

Hi there!
Good point! (from someone who is guilty of browsing the net for bloggings sake!!)
Quality is better than quantity anyway....but please keep up your posts! Your blogsite is really helpful!
The dose of Susannah Spurgeon is just the right medication and your resources are excellent.

Regards from
Naomi Millar (my Aunt-in-law is Eilish Agnew)

One of the Callarmans said...

I am really encouraged by your post and your willingness to slow down. Thanks for demonstrating your desire to live out Titus 2.

Colin said...

Ladies, to blog at all on top of what you otherwise do is a feat in itself! Really hope you'll continue your excellent site, even if only to give us husbands the inside line on how to better treat our wives.

Amanda Robbie said...

Maybe fewer blog posts will encourage us lurkers to continue the debate instead! Thanks for your work on the site. I too should surf less and be busier at home, and your post today was a good reminder of that.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site and the information you provide. I am truly encouraged by your willingness to slow down. Thank you for being such an example.

Kim said...

I understand and look forward to you all coming back! I enjoy your blog very much!


Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Thank-you for being more than just "titus 2 talk." Now you are being "titus 2 example." :) Well done.