Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gift List

It was my birthday on Monday and I was given a lot of great presents, so forgive me if I tell you about some of them and maybe it will give you ideas for your next birthday!

I received the CDs of the Listener's Bible, which are great for listening to around the house and in the car. I noticed already that, although I may not hear every verse, certain verses do stand out and I'll go and look them up later. I've been listening to Proverbs for the last few days and it is also a really helpful way to pick up on the broad or recurring themes of a book. I've got the ESV version but it is also available in the NIV or KJV.

I was also given the journalling version of the ESV. I don't know about you but I am not very good at journalling, although I'd like to be better. This bible has columns either side of the text to give you space to write sermon notes, or your own thoughts and meditations. As I'm (slowly!) making my way through Isaiah, I'm writing things down in a notebook but I was keen to make some notes actually in the bible and this will allow me to do that. Be warned though, the text is quite small and your writing needs to be small as well!

My Mum gave me John Piper's recent book What Jesus Demands from the World which comes highly recommended and I was also given A Steadfast Heart by Elise Fitzpatrick. Look out for reviews of these over the next few months.

Finally, my good friend Nicki gave me a new copy of one of favourite books, Stepping Heavenward as well as Stephen J Nichols' book, Heaven on Earth: Capturing Jonathan Edwards's Vision of Living In Between.

Anyway, I'd better sign off now as I have some reading to do!

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Glenna Marshall said...

Hi--just passing through! Glad I found this encouraging site. I stumbled upon "Stepping Heavenward" a few years back. It quickly became one of my favorites as I found it to be a mirror in many ways to my own contrary soul. What an encouraging book, however, for the woman longing to walk closely with Christ.
-Glenna Marshall-