Friday, February 16, 2007

Womanhood Watch

Here's some of this week's worthwhile reads in cyberspace. We'll be back on Monday with the next installment in the life of Susannah Spurgeon: her marriage to Charles.
  • Rebecca Writes offers a book review on Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce by John Piper.
  • Are you, or do you know someone considering or preparing for marriage? Read John Piper's suggested topics of conversation for marriage prep here.
  • What difference does it make whether we have a right view of God's wrath? What happens to the gospel if we ignore that God is very angry at sin? How can knowing this make us happier, more loving people? Watch this 5 minute video on the value of knowing God's anger.
  • Although it's past, Tim Challies asked a question to all single folk on Valentine's Day: What can non-singles do to serve you on such a day? I'd encourage all couples and singles to read some of the responses here.
  • As normal there are some worthwhile articles to read over at Boundless. Among them is the next installment in Scott Croft's series Biblical Dating, "Are You Ready To Date?" and "The Hindrance of a Hint" by Carolyn McCulley. And one for all you multi-tasking homemakers: "Christians Can't Multi-task" by Alex and Brett Harris!
  • If you are in Edinburgh next weekend why not join us for our women's ministry weekend with CWR. For details click here.
  • Should worship be fun? Read here to find out.
  • The results are in for the Modesty Survey at the Rebelution. Take a peek here.
  • Finally, watching American Idol at the moment? You should read this.

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