Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Never in January?"

Since our first few posts of 2007 have been typically reflective -as befits the time of year - I thought I'd carry on in this vein. Yes, it's that point in the calender when many of us resolve to get our bible reading in check: aiming perhaps to read the bible through in the coming year.

If you are anything like me, normally by the end of the first month I've failed miserably, falling behind in my readings and generally trying to play catch up. Nothing worse to dampen the enjoyment of what reading God's Word should be.

Having just flicked over to Desiring God, I noticed an article by Noel Piper: "Never in January". In it Noel describes her difficulties in reading the bible through in a year and how bible reading plans never seemed to work for her. Instead she offers her method of bible reading in which she found the following "results":
This time I can truthfully say that I never dragged myself dutifully on to the next chapters. I loved it and it pulled me back day after day. What made this attempt different? I'm certain God's Spirit provided the inspiration, because I was the same stumbling Christian I have always been. But I did decide to take a more creative approach to my "walk through the Word".
So what was this "more creative approach"? Here are a few things that struck me:
  • Noel didn't necessarily start in January, but started "anytime now".
  • She didn't start "in the beginning" but in "unknown territory".
  • She didn't read the bible "in sequence".
  • She didn't split her reading into 365 "equal segments".
  • She took only the bible along with her for "reading material".
  • She became a "hunter" in which a blue highlighter became her "weapon".
Please do take time to read this article. I found it both comforting (that such a godly woman who I have much admiration for struggles with the same things I do), and encouraging, as Noel has creatively sought and achieved to do that which we all strive to - read faithfully, and joyfully, God's Word.

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Beth said...

I've never used Noel's method but have recommended it to several friends. A couple of years ago, one of them, who is now a missionary in East Asia, excitedly wrote to tell me that she had made it through the whole Bible for the first time in her life. I have another friend who has just started on her Bible reading journey this way and is excited about it. When I finish my Bible reading plan in a couple of months (which I'm behind on from last year, but still pressing on!) I'm going to give Noel's "method" a go. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.