Thursday, November 16, 2006

Personal Hedges

When Paul wrote his letter to Titus, he told him to ensure that the older women in his congregation taught younger women how to live by exemplifying a number of characteristics (Titus 2:3-5). Purity is one of these character traits and as Christian women, we must live exemplary lives so that we do not dishonour the name of Christ by our behaviour.

Yet often we give little thought to how we can ensure that our conduct towards the men we meet each day is pure. As with so many things, taking time to think through this issue is essential and Nancy Leigh DeMoss encourages us to do just that in a booklet she has written called "Personal Hedges - Practical cautions for Christian women to help safeguard our hearts and the marriages of the men around us."

In it she states:

"I have also become convinced that any woman can bring about the moral downfall of any man—no matter how godly. This is one area of our lives where we can never afford to be less than vigilant...Over the years, the Lord has led me to develop a set of “hedges” (boundaries) in relation to the men that I have served with and related to in various settings. Those hedges have been a powerful safeguard and protection—for my own heart, for those men and their marriages, for my reputation, and most importantly, for the reputation of Christ."

Are we confident that the way we relate to men at church, in the workplace and in our leisure time is not causing them (and us) to stumble and bringing dishonour to the name of Christ? Can I encourage you to read the full article and take some time to put up some personal hedges of your own.

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Ellen B. said...

Good stuff. Years ago my husband and I read a book called "Hedges: loving your marriage enough to potect it" by Jerry Jenkins. We gave several copies of that book away. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for your faithfulness.
LNB from Seattle