Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Embracing True Femininity

"Do you believe that a group of totally dedicated women, committed to a cause, can change their world?" This was the question that Nita asked last night in an evening in which the Women's Ministry of our church laid down their vision: "To challenge women to celebrate and live out their distinct identity as women designed by God, transformed by the power and message of Christ."

In her talk, Nita took us through the rise and development of the feminist movement, describing its progression from: "an attempt to proclaim the strength and independence of women to achieve equality with the male sex particularly in the areas of work, education, morality and rights" to " the radical rethinking of the nature of women in which women, in essence, are no different from men."

Such an ideology therefore has led to two myths. Firstly, women used to be downtrodden and unhappy, but by demanding economic and relational independence from man they could now be happy. Secondly, in order to be equal with men, women have to be the same. As a result, "the distinction between men and women are no longer being honoured and enjoyed as our culture works at erasing the fine lines of femininity in the name of equality." (Janni Ortland)

Christian women therefore face two dangers. Firstly, in the feminist quest for equality with men, our biblical womanhood (the essence of what we are as women) has come under attack and has been denied. Secondly, as Christian women, we are in danger of going along with the lifestyle trends and values of the world around us, instead of living according to God's values.

Sadly, a group of women, totally committed to a cause, have changed our world.

This therefore leaves us with a challenge: shall we step up and embrace our true femininity as women of God, equal in status, but different in identity so that we might discover and recover in our world what it means to be women designed by God? Our prayer at Charlotte Chapel is that we might do this and become totally committed to a cause that might indeed change our world once again.

In the coming year we begin our new programme: titus2talk - topical seminars on biblical femininity and we hope to make these talks available for download. The seminars are scheduled as follows:

"Biblical Femininity: The Maker's Design" - January 13th 2007
"The Battle of the Sexes" - March 10th 2007
"Biblical Femininity: More than Skin Deep" - May 12th 2007
"Biblical Femininity: Spiritual Mothering" - September 8th 2007
"Biblical Femininity: Ministry Potential" - November 10th 2007

For exact times and venue please click here.

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading through your blog and was wondering if you could post some resources for learning the effects (negative, of course) of the feminist movement on us as Christian women. I would like to share it with some university students that I disciple.

Thanks and blessings,