Monday, November 06, 2006

Chick Flicks!

Sentiment and romance, that's what women love isn't it? But what about the guys? How hard is it to get your bloke to sit down on a Friday night and watch a good ol' fashioned love story? Difficult! Although I'm not the most soppy of females, there are times when a girl needs to watch a good romance. We have a friend babysitting for us on Friday night and Colin and I are planning to go and see a film. I can envisage it now. What do we watch? Is it the 'chick flick' where the girl gets her guy in the end? Or is it the action where every two minutes something is blown up? We'll probably opt for the action and escapism this time round, as there aren't many good chick flicks out just now.

However, if you're desperate to get your guy to watch a bit of romance, I've found the perfect weapon in the form of an article. It's called "Chick Flicks" and is written by Douglas Wilson.

Speaking of a the need for guys to watch a girlie movie, he writes:
"When a film is done well, and its assumptions are consistent with the teaching of Scripture, men should do far more than sit passively through it. They come there as novices sitting at the seat of wisdom, listening to her teach. Much Ado About Nothing and Pride and Prejudice both contain things which the average male meathead needs to hear and see. And he needs to do more than merely hear - he needs to learn and apply...

Modern men have an awful lot to gain from this. Many things are required of us, and we must imitate them in order to incorporate them into our lives. But we cannot imitate what we do not see around us. We need a soon return to courteous masculinity, refinement of manners, and deep respect for women."
If this article intrigues you, I found it at Monergism and you can read it here. It's a serious word on chivalry and husbandry, but remember girls - it works both ways!

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