Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Roles Without Relegation

Sharon James in her article, Roles Without Relegation: Recovering Biblical Women's Ministries, explores the varying issues regarding the role of women in ministry. Sharon argues for a complementarian approach of equal status, but different design among men and women in the church, family and society.
Her article is tremendously helpful as it explores: the contemporary challenge that faces the church; the biblical vision of complementarity; ministry in the workplace; ministry as wife and mother; evangelistic ministries; prayer ministries; teaching ministries; serving ministries and women in the diaconate.

For a shorter read on this same issue, it is also worthwhile looking at an Introduction to Biblical Manhood & Womanhood also by Sharon James, and her book, God's Design for Women comes with our recommendation.

Sharon James, along with her husband Bill lead the UK branch of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. She has also written two other books: My Heart in His Hands (a biography of Ann Judson) and In Trouble and in Joy: Four Women who lived for God. Sharon has degrees in history (Cambridge University) and theology (Toronto Baptist Seminary).

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