Wednesday, October 18, 2006

People with a Special Calling

This month in Evangelicals Now there is an article by Jacqui Wright called Christian Single Parents: People with a Special Calling. It looks at the different phases in family life: crisis; survival; setbacks; stability and service, before describing what it's like being a Christian Single Parent. For those of us who don't find ourselves in this position, ponder these words:

"Christian single parents are real people living in a real broken world who have to face the consequences of the brokenness, for themselves and their children. The majority are unwilling divorcees having to deal with a Christian spouse’s wrong choices and actions. Others are widowed or were unmarried. But the reality of Christian single parenting is the same for all. It is a hard task for we are not ‘Superdad’ or ‘Supermum’, but weak and frail human beings with needs and desires, like everyone else.

Often we are caught in between two groups in the church: married people raising children, who do not face the unique problems we do, and single people, who may never have married and do not fully understand child rearing. So we are a ‘parent’, but not married, and we are ‘single’, but not footloose and fancy free. Christian single parents, and their children, need non-judgemental understanding and support from both sides: the married parents and the singles without children, and from the whole church family. Most of all, they need unconditional love and acceptance."

You can read the rest of the article here.

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