Thursday, January 29, 2009

One for the Guys

6 Ways to Meets Your Wife's Need for Affection is a short, helpful article from Crosswalk - one for our guy readers and one to pass on to our husbands.

1. Touch her arm or knee when you talk with her. Your gentle touch communicates, “I’m here. You’re not alone. I enjoy you. I’ll take care of you.”

2. Make an effort to spend time alone together – go out for dinner, for a walk, or out for coffee. Show her (and others) that you enjoy the intimacy of being alone with her.

3. Grab her hand and hold it when you’re out in public.

4. Give her a kiss and a hug when you leave and return home.

5. Don’t see every complaint as an attack. Women think as long as they feel the marriage is working, they can talk about it. On the other hand, most men feel the relationship isn’t working if they have to talk about it. Allow her to express what’s on her mind.

6. Recognize her strong emotions as exclamation marks. When she is upset, angry, or frustrated, realize that these emotions are her way of letting you know how much the issue at hand matters to her.

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Mrs. Mrs. Jones said...

Please as a woman don't ever "expect" that your husband will do these things for you. When our heart is set on things God has not promised and we are married to sinners who sin (many redeemed but still working on the sanctification process) we ended up sinning when we don't get our expectations met. If he does these things appreciate the moment.

Your identity must be found in Christ alone not in being a wife loved by her husband.