Monday, January 19, 2009

Biblical Womanhood

This week at our church we are beginning a year long, once a month women's study on Biblical Womanhood. We'll be using Sarah Young's study to guide us as we explore what the bible says about,
  • God's Creative Design for Women
  • Women and the Fall
  • Women and Marriage
  • Women and Singleness
  • Women and Beauty
  • Women and the Family of God
  • Women and their Brothers
  • Women and their Sisters
  • Women and their Lord
We like to encourage a little bit more reading besides the studies, so we're also compiling a resource file of books & articles to read and a list of good talks/sermons on the net. This week I've been scouting out some good articles and talks on God's design for women at creation. Here's a few articles and sermons (so far) I've found worth passing on.

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The Robinson Family said...

I also really enjoyed God's Design for Women: Biblical Womanhood for Today by Sharon James.