Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pamper Night

Here are a few photos (though not great!) from our recent pamper night at church. We have run this for two years now and found it to be a useful way to engage people with the gospel, as well as have great fun! Around 2/3 of those that attend are new to church, coming along with a friend who has invited them.

As well as a nail bar, a home-made beauty treatment stall, 5 minute head & shoulder massage and endless coffee & chocolate, we also provide a prayer room and prayer request box which we are delighted to see people make use of. We end the night with a short talk and also send our ladies on their way with a gift bag of pampering goodies, including further information on the Christian faith.

So if you are looking for a creative way to open up your church to the ladies in your community, or are looking for an appropriate setting to encourage your female members to reach out to their friends, you might want to give this a try!


padivan said...

I am very interested in this idea. Could you provide more details? I am also curious about the prayer room idea. How did that work?

Nicki said...

Hi Padivan,

I'll very briefly describe what we did.

Our church is quite big and so we split it into 3 main parts. In one room we ran a nail bar where we has one professional and numerous volunteers lined up to do ladies nails. This was an ideal situation for people to chat to ladies who came in as they sat across from each other.

In another room we had various refreshments including a popular chocolate fountain in which you dip fruit etc into. Alongside this there were stalls representing Christian charities and people could buy from them.

Our third room was split into two with the opportunity to sample homemade beauty products while ou waited for a professional 5 minute shoulder or head massage.

We rotated people around each room giving them 30 minutes for each pamper experience. When th ladies came into the church they were given a colored gift bag and a sot drink before heading up to be introduced to the night. Groups were then escorted around the various pamper rooms according to the colour of bag they had and then everyone gathered together at the end of the night for a short talk.

With the prayer room we had a group of ladies who prayed during the time on a rotation. But at the introduction to the night we announced that we had a room where you could go and pray in confidence in our prayer room, or if you needed someone to pray for you but were reluctant to do this, you could pop a request in a prayer box. To be honest with you, there is never a huge amount of take up for this, but for the couple of handfuls of requests that came in and for the handful of ladies that did want to pray with people from the church, we thought it was worthwhile.

Our aim in doing all of this is to provide the ladies of our church the environment in which to bring along friends to hear the gospel and encourage conversation. It is also a useful tool in which to reach out to those ladies in the community.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures, and none of when it was just set up. That may have given you a better idea of how we did things. I hope that helps. If you have any more comments/questions I'd be happy to help if I can.

Lastly, it was a lot of work organising and setting up, hence we only do it once a year!!