Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Minister to Single Women

I'm dipping in and out of Elyse Fitzpatrick & Carol Cornish's book, Women Helping Women: A Biblical Guide to the Major Issues Women Face. It's a tome of superb advice and I'm appreciating the learning. One of the chapters I was keen to read first was on women and their singleness. As someone who struggled with my own singleness before I got married, I'm very keen to learn how I can encourage single women in my church. Fitzpatrick & Cornish have a few ideas, so if you are a married person and want to know how practically you can minister to the single ladies in your church here are 10 of their top tips.

1. Be a mentor

2. Adopt a single woman

3. Offer to be available to help in case a problem arises

4. Pick a single woman to encourage

5. Choose friends of all ages and positions in life, including single women

6. Ask a gody single woman to become involved with your teenagers (or in my case, my babies!)

7. Choose a single woman to pray for throughout the week

8. Offer to host dinners or other social events for the singles in your church

9. Start a single woman's group to study the biblical view of singleness

10. Help a woman build godly brother/sister relationships

If you have any other helpful tips on how you minister to single women, or if you are single and can offer some insight I'd appreciate the wisdom.


Michelle said...

Thank you for your post on singleness! I'm very encouraged to see married women who take this ministry to heart!

I'm 23 years old and single. Right now, I have been praying that God would bring a godly older woman into my life to mentor me. I do have an amazing, godly mother who has been a great mentor over the years. However, I feel that it is also helpful for us to have someone in our lives who can look on from the outside and confront us about sin and how we are living... whether for the glory of God or not.

Also, I would encourage married women to, like the book suggests, include us at their homes when they have other families over (or even just for a family meal!). I have learned so much about family life when young mothers have me over and seek to include me! We don't expect a fancy meal, we just desire to be apart, to learn, and to serve. :-)

Susan said...

I have written a fairy tale for single women and girls, Princess Bubble. We need to remind our single wommen, myself included, that there is only one prince that can bring "happily ever after" and that is the Prince of Peace. All Christian women are princesses, no matter their marital status, because they are part of a royal priesthood.

I think it is wonderful you are looking for ways to minister to singles!


Ann said...

I didn't marry until I was 29 years old and lived away from home. Some thoughts,some of which are similar to the top tips quoted, I hope this isn't too long.

Older couples and an older widowed lady in the church invited me to their homes both on Sunday and in week nights,they were like parents/ grand parents to me.

Families in the church also welcomed me into their homes.I was able to help them with baby sitting from time to time.

The church officers gave wise guidance seeing me as a link between older people in the church and the teenagers who were new christians,it helps to have a role/purpose .

Get to know single women in your church really well, don't just have friends from your peer group it's sometimes easier to do this in a smaller church.