Friday, March 14, 2008

Martin Luther & Marriage

I found this article over at Boundless on Martin Luther and his eventual marriage to Katherine von Bora. If you are single and wondering whether this will ever happen for you, this article is an encouragement - Luther a bachelor until he was 40, Katie a nun and yet they still get married! That aside, what I found more interesting besides their story were the four crucial observations Justin Taylor makes about their marriage.

1. Martin and Katie didn't put their hope in marriage, they put their hope in God.
2. Martin and Katie didn't marry each other because they were infatuated with each other; instead they grew to love each other because they were married.
Martin and Katie viewed marriage as a school for growing in godliness.
Martin and Katie enjoyed the God-given gifts of life and marriage unto the glory of God.

Single or married, these are some things for us to think about and meditate on.

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Maria Pauline said...

As a young maiden, I so often hear that I should save my heart for my husband. This I will not do, because I have already given my heart to Jesus.

Marriage is not about pouring everything into the other person, rather, it is about serving the other person with God's love and building each other up in the Lord.