Thursday, November 08, 2007

You've Seriously Got to be Kiddin'!

Sadly, this is not as humorous as my last post. The Unashamed Workman mentioned to me last night the top 10 things people in Scotland look for in a pastor. It makes for somber reading. Here's the post from the Resolve blog:
A reason why the church in this country is at such a low ebb has come to my inbox today. At a seminar at a recent Christian gathering the 50 people in attendance were asked what their top ten priorities would be for a minister in a Scottish church. The final list is below, I'm not sure if they are ranked by importance, but looking at the list I'm not sure that it makes much of a difference.

1. Leadership skills
2. Developing Abilities
3. Recognising Abilities
4. Knowledge of denominational principles
5. Good communicator
6. People focused
7. Knowledge of church structure
8. Practical work experience
9. Management skills
10. Active participant in the community
As a couple of the comments reflected, there was no 'want' for a pastor who...
1. Loves Jesus
2. Knows the Gospel
3. Is mighty in the Scriptures
4. Is able to correctly handle the word of truth (2 tim 2:15) by valuing doctrine and fending off false teaching
5. Is passionate preacher of God's living and active Word in an expository way that lets God's Word do the talking and continue to change lives
6. Is a man of prayer
7. An example for the believers in speech, life, love, faith and purity
8. Knows an overwhelming desire to love and shepherd the flock God entrusts to him with great care and careful attention
9. Has the heart of Jesus for the world and a strong missional desire to reach out
10. Is clear and focussed in teaching, applying and leading a church within the biblical pattern of a local church
11. Is humble
As Mike Gilbart-Smith says, "here are ten reasons to go and pastor a church in Scotland" which "Gospel-focused pastors from the English speaking world should seriously consider."

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Liam Garvie said...


I had to laugh at your post title. That's exactyl what I said!!! I had hoped this mornign when I woke up it had all been a bad dream! Sadly, we're not kidding!

Great work on Titus2Talk by the way. Keep it up.