Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

OK, so we're at that time of the year when it's time to think about what to give those special folks in our lives for Christmas. Over the next few posts we'd like to suggest some good picks for pressies. As you would expect, most of our suggestions will be books, but we're going to try and rack our brains to come up with some other ideas!

So to to get you thinking I'm going to pass on a few frugal ideas for presents. So, if you're a bit short of cash, or would like to get a bit more personal and creative, why not try out some of these random ideas:

1. Give a handmade gift certificate, you can make the certificate for almost anything:
  • 12 nights of babysitting throughout the year
  • a 3, 4 or even 5 course meal at your house
  • a car wash & valet
2. Bake some Christmas gifts - get out the ol' recipes for Christmas cookies and sweets and buy and fill a cookie or sweet tin.

3. Why not frame some of the children's artwork for the grandparents.

4. Take some favourite photos of your family and frame them for your relatives. Printing them in black and white and putting them in a black frame is particularly nice.

5. For that special someone - why not write a poem and frame it, reminding them of how much they mean to you.

6. For your kids - if you don't fancy filling your place with more plastic, why not make a kiddie cheque book of things they enjoy doing so they can cash them in during the year - a trip to the zoo, 5 trips to the softplay centre, lunch out at their favourite place, a couple of trips to the cinema, visit to the museum, trips to their favourite park, swimming....

7. A hubby cheque book - filling it with all the things you know he would enjoy.

8. A Wife cheque book (hint hint) - filling it with all the things you know she'd enjoy throughout the year - a haircut (& colour), a massage, a manicure/pedicure, a kid-free day of shopping, a day (OK, a morning) in Starbucks reading a good book, a Saturday morning lie in x12 (at least), an undisturbed hot bath x12 (at least) numerous nights off cooking, even more nights off bathing the kids....etc, etc

Do you have any more suggestions for frugal Christmas giving?


Joyce said...

What creative and fun suggestions. I'm going to try some of those cheque book ideas!
Thank you. :)

Jerri said...

Super ideas!

You will love this site too: