Friday, September 07, 2007

Watch Your Priorities

I realise that posts are few and far between these days, it seems that blogging isn't much of a priority for us girls at the moment. However, what I would like to do over the next wee while is to point you to some talks, sermons or things I have read that you might be able to share in what I have found spiritually beneficial.

As my previous post mentioned, my husband and I are enjoying some talks free from Sovereign Grace Ministries. Last night I listened to an insightful panel discussion from their 2007 Leadership Conference, "Watch Your Priorities". In it, 5 "seasoned pastor's wives" answer questions on "duties, priorities and opportunities of being a pastor's wife."

Here are some of the questions they address as mentioned on their site:
  • How can a wife order her priorities so that “the tyranny of the urgent” doesn’t dictate what gets done?
  • What are purposeful ways to encourage husbands in their specific roles and duties as pastors?
  • How can wives find time to read, and which books should they read in their limited time?
  • How can wives care for their husbands personally, emotionally, and romantically, while still keeping up with other duties?
  • What are some ways to disciple young sons and daughters?
And if you are wondering why I've posted in the middle of the night, one of my priorities is my 9 week old, Grace, and she is feeding!

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Gina said...

Just dropped by....another Titus 2...and that is one cute baby!!!!