Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unfurling Flower

Last night, in a roundabout way, I came across a new blog that I'd like to recommend to you. It has recently won the award for Best Young Christian Blog at the 2007 Christian Blog & Web Awards. Unflowering Flower hosts a wealth of good reads in Christian living, biblical femininity, enjoying life, marriage & singleness.

BTW - My Unashamed Workman also won an award - Most Inspiring Leadership blog -though for some reason nobody told him! So we missed out on a nice swanky 4 course meal and night out and he might not get his funky award ;(


Anonymous said...

It's always good to discover new blogs. Thanks for linking this.


Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

Hello ladies,
I just Googled my blog and found that you recommended it on your site a while ago. Thank you! I have dipped in and out of reading your blog, and really love what you have to say. It is particularly great to find a blog written by Christian women in the UK, as they all seem to be American! I particularly love what you have to say on hospitality, and have learnt a lot from those posts. Keep up the good work!
Blessings to you all,