Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anticipating Needs

Katherine over at Raising Five really hit the spot with me this week in her post about anticipating the needs of her husband and children. She writes:
"I get focused on all the things that go into running a home without remembering who all this work is for! My little ones, especially, hang on me, interrupt me, whine and cry, usually when I’ve just sat down to answer email or pay bills. But even my big kids bicker and get into trouble when I seem most preoccupied with my own agenda. There are lots of ways we can anticipate needs as wives and mothers."
Read here to find out how.


padivan said...

I can totally relate to her real life analogy of anticipating patients needs. I have worked in the medical field for several years. I learned this anticipating of needs earlier on from another seasoned nurse. I had never thought to relate that over to my family. THanks for this!

Joyfull said...

This is so true in my home! I'm trying to make the transition to be "with" them instead of "doing so much for them". Loved the article. Also love your blog!