Friday, May 18, 2007

Epidural Anyone?

In the next few weeks we anticipate the arrival of baby Adams #3. With this being our third child I'm really only getting round to thinking about preparing things now, and contemplating what childbirth will be like again.

On that note I was interested to come across a long comment thread over at Amy's Humble Musings on whether or not to have an epidural! If this is something that interests you head on over and check out the discussion here. It seems to be a hot topic over the pond given that Amy herself has yet to give her views on the subject!

For those of you who want to know, both Catriona and I would both concur, "epidurals all the way!" Having experienced birth once with and the other without I know what tack I'm taking the third time around!


ellen b said...

I had an epidural with my third and final baby. My first baby (10 pounder) was natural all the way. Ugh! My only complaint with my epidural is they waited too long. As soon as I felt the wonderful effects her head crowned and it was time to deliver! Blessings on delivery #3!

Kevin Sorensen said...

I had an epidural too...well, okay, it was a spinal block with 'scope knee surgery. Fortunately, I never saw the needle!! Just looking at the pictures and knowing how I hate needles, I'd almost say, let me give birth, but that's hardly fair now, is it? It makes me give thanks for my wife & mother of our three chilren (one delivered C-section and other two vaginally). She's more of a trooper than I will ever be. Blessings upon you and keep up the blog. Our ladies at church really enjoy it.

Nicole Starling said...

I've had three babies, the first time with epidural and the second and third times without. Whilst I'd definitely say that the first time was less painful than the other two, it's also true that the second and third births were a lot quicker and easier, mostly because I wasn't lying inert and passive on my back!

There is a lot of evidence now that having an epidural not only poses risks to the mother, it also increases the risk of interventions that are not in the best interests of the baby. If it's true that the extra pain relief for me comes at the cost of increased risk to my baby, then I think that I ought to try doing without the epidural if I can manage it. (Of course, I know all births are different and I am very thankful to God for some of the medical interventions that helped to keep my kids and me safe and alive through all 3 births).

So I think this is an issue that we Christian women should be thinking through seriously and I'm looking forward to reading what Amy has to say about it. While I don't always agree with her, what makes her blog so worth reading is that she thinks through things and challenges a whole lot of beliefs and behaviours that we in the evangelical community might not otherwise even think to ask questions about.

Angela said...

HI, I had two epidurals, which was necesary since I had c-sections! Let's just say, I fell in love with my anethesiologist(sp)! The immediate pain relief was wonderful! I don't have anything to prove, I figure millions of women throughout history have proven that childbirth can be done with out drugs! Give me drugs! Angela :-)