Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ten Questions

Life is pretty hectic here at the minute so I've had little time to prepare what I had in mind to post this week, my apologies. Therefore, I'm going to do the lame thing (!) and recommend a series my husband is posting on over at Unashamed Workman. If you benefit from good expository preaching in your church, or know any pastor interested in this subject, it's worth checking out this series - "10 Questions for Expositors".

The Unashamed Workman's first interview is with Timothy Keller, and keep posted for Phillip Ryken next week.


Beth said...

Your recent posts have indicated that you've had some trials and challenges lately. Just want you to know that without knowing what's going on, this reader is praying for you and yours. God knows your needs and the Holy Spirit will guide my prayers for you. I continue to be grateful for this blog and your insightful and encouraging posts. Hang in there!

Nicki said...

Thanks Beth for your prayers and continual encouragement. I think all of us here at titus2talk have many things going on! However, there is nothing too big that our God cannot provide the grace for any and every situation! For that we have every reason to rejoice and be grateful. Every blessing, Nicki ;)