Friday, January 26, 2007

Womanhood Watch

We're here again to share with you some things worth looking at in blogland and beyond this week.

We'll be back on Monday with Your weekly dose of Susannah Spurgeon and the next instalment in her relationship with Charles: courtship! If you enjoy hearing how couples get together, you'll like this one! Enjoy the weekend.
  • The Purple Cellar, is a new blog for women and is well worth a look (HT: JT)
  • If you think your blog is in need of a bit of brightening up, then visit Christian Women Online and get your Scripture tags here.
  • Should there be more to meals than just food? The ladies at girltalk have just started a short series looking at the significance of meal times.
  • Joshua Harris has just completed a three part series on intimacy and purity at his church, Covenant Life. Download or listen online here. (HT: Solo Femininity)
  • Still with Covenant Life, The Family Room blog are posting a new series with Mark Dever on the Puritans and sex. "8 Lessons for Healthy Sex" has started with Sex is Supposed to be Limited. Intrigued? Check out this post and more. This series has been taken from Mark Dever's talk, "Christian Hedonists or Religious Prudes?" at the 2004 Desiring God National Conference. You can listen or watch here.
  • "His Faithfulness" is a new CD worth checking out. It combines the poetry of Amy Carmichael and the music of Jim Spencer. To sample excerpts and order the CD go here. (HT: JT)
  • Boundless were inundated with comments over Scott Croft's article last week, "Biblical Dating: To Kiss or not to Kiss." Take a peek at some of the thought provoking reaction and Scott's clarification on the issue. Motte Brown also posts on why he regrets kissing his wife.
  • Do your kids read books? Al Mohler discusses how reading is "an important Christian discipline. It is why the Christian church has championed the cause of literacy. It is why the Reformers fought for the translation of the Scriptures into vernacular languages. A loss of literacy and respect for the book amounts to grave danger for the Christian church." Read more here.
  • Tim Challies takes us out of our comfort zone and discusses self-centred sex. Read parts one and two.
  • Yesterday we completed the reading as a Christian discipline survey conducted by Kim over at Hiraeth. Now it's your turn. Go here to take part.
  • Jenny Shroedel's article, 40 Days with Natalie tells us how we just need to press pause, particularly after the birth of a new baby!

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I just came across your site and have been thoroughly blessed by it this morning! I will definitely be a regular visitor!