Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Titus 2 Truths: Key Qualities

Last week we thought about how important knowing the Bible is as we seek to grow in wisdom and discernment. Now, let's look more closely at the qualities that Paul says should be evident in the older women who are teaching young women, qualities that all Christian women should pursue.

Reverent in behaviour - In her book Spiritual Mothering, Susan Hunt says,
Reverence implies honor, respect, love and obedience. A reverent life is the product of a reverent view of God. An exalted view of God will shape a Biblical world view that permeates all of life for the woman of faith. A Biblical belief and value system is foundational for a lifestyle of reverence.
Am I cultivating this sort of behaviour? Does the way I live my life and tackle everyday tasks show that I honor, respect, love and obey God?

Not slanderers-
Paul knew that this was an issue for women and we thought about this a few months ago. How easily friendships can be destroyed by a few careless words as we seek to show others how much we know, or make ourselves the centre of attention. As Proverbs 12:18 states,
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Not addicted to much wine - For some, alcohol may be a very real struggle. However, others of us may be putting an imaginary tick next to this attribute, thinking that this is not something we need worry about. However, unhealthy obsessions may affect us all. Susan Hunt writes:
We must be free from habitual, compulsive behavior in order to live disciplined lives for God's glory. Self-control, as opposed to self-indulgence, is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Do we struggle with an unhealthy compulsion for food, shopping or even the internet? What can we do to improve our self control in these areas?

Teach what is good - Susan Hunt again:
The Greek word translated "good" means beautiful, commendable, excellent...This goodness is a manifestation of the grace of God within and stands in stark contrast to the standard of goodness that the world contrives.
In fact, all of these qualities are manifestations of God's grace, available to all who ask him. Often, I don't feel I'm developing any of these attributes but thankfully it does not depend on my ability or energy.

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength" Phil 4:13

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