Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Titus 2 Truths: "Age into a sage"

Today as we continue to think about the mandate in Titus 2 for older women to teach those who are younger, let's read some words from John Piper on this subject, found in his book, When I Don't Desire God:
It is a great advantage to be wise. Wisdom is different from the mere knowledge of facts. Some very wise people have little formal education. And some very educated people, who know many facts, are not wise. Wisdom is the insight and sense of how to live in a way that accomplishes the goals for which we were made: the glory of God and the good of man. And since glorifying God involves delighting in God, and the good of man involves sharing our joy in God, therefore wisdom is the only path to deep and lasting joy.

It won't surprise us that this joy-producing wisdom comes through the Word of God..."Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom."The Word of Christ brings "all wisdom" into our lives so that we can help each other know it and live in it.

One of the challenges I repeatedly hold out to the people of our church - especially the women- is that they make it one of their aims to age into a sage. I love the vision of older women full of seasoned spiritual fruit that comes only with long life and much affliction and deep meditation on the Word of God. So many younger women yearn for older women, who are deeply wise, to share the wisdom God has taught them over the years. The joy of giving and receiving this kind of gift is great. It is a joy that comes by the Word of God. There is no better joy than what comes through wisdom. Therefore, the Word of God is more valuable than anything on earth.

As I read this, I must consider whether I am making efforts to "age into a sage". Am I spending time dwelling on God's word and applying it to the various situations I find myself in? Do I look upon afflictions as a trial to be endured or an opportunity to learn more about God? As we get older, (as we all must!) let's rejoice that in God's economy we need not be left "on the scrap heap". Instead let's faithfully apply ourselves to knowing the Word of Christ so that we can encourage and equip other women.


Lane Keister said...

Nothing burdens me more than to see women who think that doctrine is not for them. All the great women of history have been sound in doctrine and interested in theology. I think the reason for this is that doctrine is usually seen as impractical. Of course, nothing can possibly be further from the truth. Doctrine that isn't practical is not actually doctrine. See this post for more on this:


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. :)
J. in Ca. USA