Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Modesty Survey

“How tight is too tight for tops? Are jeans with holes in the thighs immodest? Is a purse worn with the strap diagonally across the chest a stumbling block? Are shirts with messages across the front distracting?”

These are some of the questions that the guys over at The Rebelution are asking. This is an opportunity to join other Christian young men and women in their new and exciting project: The Modesty Survey. The Modesty Survey allows any girl to submit anonymous, modesty-related questions to Christian guys and to receive (multiple) anonymous replies.

So girls submit your modesty questions by December 15th and get some answers to those long awaited questions you have - and not from just one guy! For all the details of how to take part and observe the results click here.

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Anonymous said...

I read that surver. It was revealing to see what our average Christian young men think about swim suits and to me it proved the "frog immersion in hot water" theory. Most young men today are wrongly "used" to seeing women in bathing suits, or less, even when they see magazines going through the checkout line at the grocery store. The fact that they are used to seeing all this is very evident in the poll.

Just looking at one side of the issue...women's bathing suits:
Should it be "normal" for young men to consider seeing girls and women in their underwear ok? That is what bathing suits really are, aren't they? Why don't we wear our underwear out in public? What is wrong with wearing a bra as clothing to church, or french cut undies to the grocery store?
Should not something as formfitting and revealing of form (both breasts and crotch area, for lack of a better way to say it) as even a "modest" bathing suit really be unacceptable if one was convinced that one's body was solely to be kept for one's spouse? As a mom, would we want our daughters to wear clothing that makes it possible for a man, young or old, to see or look at or oogle or lust after (as we well know that is what men do) as much of our daughters' breasts and bottoms as can be seen in a bathing suit? EEEK!

My personal conviction on swimsuits is related to some ideas we (as of yet, though it is definitely on a downhill slide) still hold true as a culture, and those ideas stem from a Biblical belief in modesty that were acceptable and normal until a hundred years ago or so. I would not expect the local receptionist at the dentist, the nurse at the hospital, the electrician coming to repair the broken washer, the professor at college nor the janitor at the library to show up in their underwear/swimsuit, whether that person was male or female; that would be considered unacceptable to most people, even non-Christians yet today.

We are definitely all cooking in that proverbial pot of boiling water :) The more we get used to it, the more ok it is. It is now considered almost freakish and certainly bizarre if you say you don't swim in public places because of the immodesty there. That is pretty interesting, isn't it. As a Christian we are called (and yes, it definitely comes as a process and the timing is do different for each person) to holiness and purity. Do we encourage each other to be that? While I do think that some girls and women will have their eyes enlightened by what the rebelution poll showed, and that is GOOD, I hope to see a generation of young people who would take their purity a step further and protect their hearts and minds from even a hint of impurity (and a bathing suit leaves nothing to the imagination, even if it is a "modest" one :).

I also think the Biblical references to the whore of Babylon, and other places where the Bible talks about the baring of the thigh, interesting (I want to study up on that a bit)-if that is considered immodest and repulsive to God, where does modern day swimwear fit in to "good" in the sight of God?

Just the rambling thoughts of a mom who wants to help her children and family find a sense modesty and purity that is based on God's Word and standard, rather than on the World's word and standard.

Mrs. D.