Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christian Connections

This is our last post before Christmas. We plan to take a break and spend some much needed holiday time with family and friends, but we will be back early in the New Year.

But before we go, we'd like to connect you to a few things which you can ponder over the holidays.
  • If you want to know what Jesus wants for Christmas, John Piper fills you in.
  • Will this Christmas be hard for you? Read Noel Piper's thoughtful encouragment.
  • A hilarious Friday funny over at Girl Talk.
  • Twenty Questions to ask round the table at New Year.
  • Before you go holiday-spending for Christian books take time to look at The Discerning Reader's new updates, or read Tim Challies book guide.
  • For a preview of Amazing Grace: The Movie click here. (HT: Justin Taylor).
  • John Piper's imaginative narrative poems return, this year focusing on Nebuchadnezzar.
  • My husband has started a new blog for preachers: Unashamed Workman.
  • Trying to get on top of your bible reading over Christmas? Over at Ligonier, watch RC Sproul's two part series on How to Study the Bible. Scroll down the links on the left.
  • I just came across a new blog Will the Next Generation Know, which has some good archive material. More specifically, if your children are anything like Catriona's and mine, and love Veggie Tales, here's some thoughts on the subject.
  • Finally, since Christmas is a time for family and friends, let me link you to this excellent post over at Blue Fish on the theme of friendship. The author reminds us: "What I need is the cross and friends who love the cross." Cat, thanks for being such a friend this past year :) (apologies for the cheese factor, but I'm allowed once a year!)
That leaves us to wish you all our readers a very merry Christmas and God's blessing for 2007.

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Tony Kummer said...

Thanks for the link. The labels index is very helpful to finding old posts.