Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Does Thin Equal Beautiful?

This week in the UK, a minor controversy errupted when world-renowned model, Kate Moss, was awarded Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. At the centre of a cocaine scandal last year, eye brows were raised that Kate should therefore be singled out for such a prestigious award.

Whatever we think of this, it is undeniable that there is something about Kate Moss that the UK public finds alluring. One of those things would no doubt be her slender figure - some might say, alarmingly thin figure. In the British Press, much has been said in recent years about 'attitudes changing', as people wish to see 'ordinary women' modelling their clothes. But the continued stream of awards to 'Kate Moss types' seems to belie that fact. As far as British society is concerned, the majority still equate being beautiful with having a good figure.

But what should be the Christian's take on this issue? A most helpful talk by Dr Ed Welch can be found on the website of Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Dr Welch's talk, posing the question "Does Thin Equal Beautiful?" is well worth a listen, as is the subsequent Q & A session from their series on "A Biblical Vision of Beauty."

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Lane Keister said...

I think we're starting to see backlash even in the popular world against this anemic model sort of look. I heard on Paul Harvey the other day that a model was fired because she was too thin. The guys at Rebelution have a really neat video of a model being done and artificially touched up by computer.