Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Christmas Offerings"

Christmas Offerings is the latest instalment in the platinum-selling "Offerings" worship series from Third Day. It's a combination of well known Christmas hymns and new songs, written by the band, all distinctly reflecting the unique Third Day style.

On their website you can link to their mini-site, exclusively set up for this new album. There you can hear a taster of each of the songs on the album. I particularly like, "Jesus, Light of the World" and "Born in Bethlehem." Their renditions of "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "Silent Night" have been arranged well and bring a unique tune to these old favourites.

But let me leave you with a few words from the Band as found on the cover sleeve of the album:
"Just the word 'Christmas' can bring up so many feelings. For some, it is a time of family and peace. For others, it is a hectic time of shopping and traffic. It's a couple of weeks off from school. Maybe it's a time of sadness missing a family member who is no longer here. Regardless of our past experiences and current situations, we all long for a more significant Christmas. Our sincere hope is that this collection of music will help you to draw closer to your Father in Heaven who gave the ultimate Offering for all of us: the gift of His son Jesus."

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