Saturday, October 21, 2006

Savior: God Become Man

While it's just less that ten weeks to Christmas and we anticipate it's arrival, let's remember why we celebrate: The coming of Jesus. The eternal God become man. The infinite One taking on human form. The Holy One living with sinners. The Savior coming to bear our sins and bring us to God. This new CD about to be released by Sovereign Grace Ministries, Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man, reminds us of this fact and celebrates this amazing truth.
"All of heaven and earth rejoices,
For the Lamb of God has come;
He has come to rescue sinners,
Come to meet our desperate need;
He was born to bring forgiveness,
Born for Calvary."

As I mentioned previously in my post about The Valley of Vision, this CD will no doubt also be a must buy, with it's gospel lyrics and high quality musical arrangements. It is well worth pre-ordering now. The titus2talkers are on the list to receive their copy of Savior, and we encourage you to download for free one of the new songs, preview other sample songs, and watch an interview with the songwriters here.

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