Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Life that Pleases God

Last Sunday morning it was a challenge and a privilege for the church that I'm a member of (Charlotte Baptist Chapel) to hear God's word clearly spoken and explained. It is not that this is not a usual occurence (though I'd never take this for granted) but this particular sermon reminded me of simple truths that need to be constantly applied in my walk as a Christian. Our pastor, Peter Grainger spoke from James 1:19-27 looking at "The Life that Pleases God."

So what was it that struck me about this sermon? Many things. But four truths in particular, based on the primary importance of God's Word, came home afresh:

1. I must humbly accept God's Word.
2. I must look intently into God's Word.
3. I must not forget what God's Word says.
4. I must do what God's Word says.

Four simple principles that I can apply as I seek to live a life that pleases God. Four crucial areas which I need to address daily as a disciple, in family life, in church life and in the community in which I live. You can listen to the sermon here.

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