Thursday, September 14, 2006

Forgotten Women

Last Sunday at our home church, Charlotte Baptist Chapel we had a visiting speaker, Dr Patrick Sookhdeo from The Barnabas Fund. Again we were reminded of the suffering that our christian brothers and sisters go through because of their steadfast allegiance to Jesus Christ. Not so long ago I read a book, Hidden Sorrow, Lasting Joy: The Forgotten Women of the Persecuted Church. In it, Anneke Companjen tells of the many women whose husbands were imprisoned or killed for their faith and as a result their lives are marked by sorrow and fear. Companjen writes:

"These women have struggled with painful separation, loss and uncertainty. They have been ostracized by their culture, left alone to care for their fatherless children, and subjected to crushing poverty. Their faith has been stretched to the limit, and yet they have rarely been the subjects of prayer campaigns or human-rights projects...Hidden Sorrow, Lasting Joy is a tribute to such forgotten women."

In reading this book you can hardly but be reminded of the high calling to be a wife and mother, especially when those roles are marked by pain and suffering. Let's remember to pray for them.

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