Thursday, September 03, 2009

Phatfish - In Jesus

So it's September. Where did August go? Posting has been a pretty rare event around here lately as Nicki has just moved to Northern Ireland and I've just started homeschooling, so spare time for us has been rare. I did manage to make it to the gym tonight though and was listening to In Jesus, the latest Phatfish album on my MP3 player.

As with their other recent albums the thing that stands out for me is the quality of the lyrics. There is hardly a word wasted, and all of them are theologically rich. One of my favourites on this album is No one like our God:
The Sun it torches the sky
A distant star bursts to life
Behind it all, there You are,
The raindrops water the earth
And then the harvest gives birth
Behind it all you remain,
Fall on your knees, there is no one like our God
Worship the Lord, King of Kings

This album definitely has a more rocky feel to it than their last and they have recruited a couple of extra guitarists, but I liked the sound. If you want to check out some samples to see if it is your cup of tea you can do that here. All I can say is that it made my workout session much more uplifting than it usually is! And they will even mail it to the USA...


Kruger Family Blog said...

Thanks for the reference! I just ordered the CD. Do you have another one of their CDs that is a favorite of yours?

Catriona said...

There previous album "Guaranteed" is also really excellent, as are Lou Fellingham's two solo albums "Treasure" and "Promised Land" (see here: It's worth buying them in the UK as I think the postage is free!