Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Encouraging Words from Mrs Spurgeon

When my soul is tossed on the rough waves of the troubled sea of this life, if I can but cast out the anchor of hope into the depths of God's blessed will, it holds fast at once and the winds and the waves are rebuked...

God's plans and purposes for me, and for you, dear reader, were all made and determined on from the beginning; and as they are worked out day by day in our lives, how wise should we be if, with joyful certainty, we accepted each unfolding of his will as a proof of his faithfulness and love! When once I, as a believer, can say from my heart, 'This is the will of God concerning me', it matters not what the 'this' is - whether it be a small domestic worry, or the severance of the dearest earthly ties - the fact that it is his most blessed will, takes all the fierce sting out of the trouble, and leaves it powerless to hurt or hinder the peace of my soul.
Susannah Spurgeon, Free Grace & Dying Love

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Valerie said...

Tonight at the prayer meeting in Ballymoney, a letter was read out from Colin indicating that he would be accepting the call to be pastor of Ballymoney Baptist church. What followed was an amazing time of prayer. Many of our young people, including our youngest member aged 12, together with foundation members of the church thanked God for his providence in leading the church to Colin and leading Colin and Nicki to us. In the words of our former pastor (Steven) we pray that the best days are yet to come. 2 Thes 3 v 1.