Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why I Listen to John Piper

I'm often asked by many of my friends in church why I take time to listen to John Piper preaching, after all the preaching at our own church is far from naff. Well, after listening to his message at the Resurgence conference last night on How My Pastoral Ministry Shapes my Pulpit Ministry, Piper himself made it clear why.

In his talk, Piper outlined 16 foundational convictions that shaped how he preached, and 16 examples of how pastoral ministry has shaped his preaching. All 32 points are valid reasons why I would commend Piper's preaching to you, but the following points hit the nail on the head and make it clear why I love to hear this man preach.
  • Preaching is more than teaching; it is the rising of the preacher’s heart to exult over the exposition of truth. It is both exposition of biblical texts and exultation over the reality in those texts.
  • Preaching is worship, it does not follow worship. If it isn’t worship, it isn’t preaching. We are exulting over the truth and beauty and worth of what we see in texts.
  • People are changed into God-glorifying lovers of Christ by seeing Jesus Christ in the fullness of his biblical beauty through Spirit-anointed expository exultation.
  • In preaching I am jealous to show my people the very words in the Bible in which I see the glories of God and the path of Christ-exalting joy.

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