Monday, March 05, 2007

Your Weekly Dose of Susannah Spurgeon

Last week we looked at the way in which Susannah Spurgeon selflessly used her house for the glory of God and good of others. This week we are going to further consider Susannah's selfless way of life as she and Charles lived a frugal life in order that others may benefit.

Not long married, we read in Charles Ray's biography that: "housekeeping was commenced on a very modest scale, for C.H. Spurgeon was keenly anxious to provide a training for young preachers who needed a course of education to fit them for the ministry." This was something that Susannah herself became committed to and she "threw herself into the work with a zeal not less than his own."

Charles Ray goes on to describe her as a "splendid manageress, and by means of rigid economies quite a substantial amount was saved towards the support and education of the first student, the success of this effort leading to the foundation of the Pastor's college....There were times when the devoted couple abstained from almost necessary things in order to have money to help on the work, and to the young wife it must have been truly a period of anxiety when 'means were sorely strained and the coffers of both College and household were well-nigh empty'. But there were joys which more than compensated for any cares of this kind."

Upon reading this I found myself asking the question: do I take time to sit down and plan how I can use my money to glorify God and bless others? Perhaps this is something you might want to do over the next few weeks. If you are married and have a family, this might be a good opportunity to sit together and consider how you might sacrifice some household comfort in order that you can give more to God's work. It might not lead to the founding of a Pastor's College, but it may well bless a brother or sister in need. May we be able to can echo these words of Susannah Spurgeon:

"I rejoice to remember how I shared my beloved's joy when he founded the Institution, and that together we planned and pinched in order to carry out the purpose of his loving heart."


Eva said...

I have really been enjoying the weekly doses of Susannah Spurgeon. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Georgene said...

Wonderful thoughts to ponder. I was actually thinking along this line today after watching a video taken in Mexico when my pastor visited there last month. I'm always trying to pinch pennies to have MORE for our family but have been pricked in my heart that I need to be frugal... work with my hands... to give to those in need.

Sarah said...

I found this blog a long time ago and saved the link. After forgetting all about it, I stumbled across it tonight, and have been much refreshed by your thoughts. This excerpt in particular has encouraged me, as, like so many young couples, money is very tight for us right now and I am left evaluating what we really "need" and what I can cut out of my grocery budget or whatnot.
Thanks for passing encouragement and wisdom along...